Friday, 22 November 2013

Craft Fair

Hey just wanted to tell you that we have started a business that is called SharkFins a business that is run to save the sharks of our earth!
We will be donating all the money that we collect to the website that Rob Stewart made to help save sharks from shark finning.
We are super excited to start selling our necklaces that are made of stones that we collected and polished.
If you would like to donate then visit the website located above!

Thanks for listening,

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Are You Afraid Of Sharks

People are afraid of sharks WHY ? I don't know.

Sharks kill less people then hippos , elephants , rhinos and even vending machines. They bite less people in a year then dogs do in 4 months. And when they do bite you it is not because they are hungry but because we look and sound just like an injured seal flailing around. In fact sharks are hardly ever the cause to death it is because the people bleed themselves to death or are swimming were there has been sharks spotted, even so sharks are afraid of us and hardly ever swim at popular beaches.

Reasons Why people are afraid of sharks
  • They have teeth (so do humans)
  • They live under water and murk in the shallows (so do fish and whales)
They are man killers (so are vending machines)

I'm not telling you to completely not be afraid of sharks they are not as bad as they seem.

Hey Sharkfin Here

We want to tell you what this blog is for.
Basically this blog is for fundraising and raising awareness about the slaughter of Sharks and how we can stop it one fin at a time.